New Version of Blocs Master Website

We are happy to announce that our website is now (again) built with Blocs. We have used the Blocs 4.2 and Volt CMS to make this happen.

After delaying the move from Squarespace to Blocs for a few months, we have finally launched our new version of the Blocs Master website built with Blocs 4. Originally, we were going to use WordPress to integrate a blog into this website, but after giving it some thought, and running a public poll on Twitter, we have decided to try out Volt CMS's blogging feature.

The Move is Still Underway

The move from Squarespace to Blocs is not complete yet, because there are hundreds of blog posts we still need to move here. We have decided to manually repost all of the articles to make sure all formatting and links are intact. Nonetheless, you can see how the integration of Volt CMS is working on our new website if you visit the News page.

Full Review and Tutorials for Volt CMS are Coming

As promised, we will share the review and tutorials of Volt CMS's blogging feature in the coming weeks. There are still things we would like to see improved, but judging by how responsive and dedicated the developers of Volt CMS are, we can confidently recommend Volt CMS (alongside WordPress) to thousands of Blocs users looking to add a blog to their Blocs websites.

New Courses are Coming to Blocs Master

The new website is just the begging of a long list of awesome updates coming to Blocs Master project.

We are thrilled to announce that we will release FOUR new courses before the end of the year. At least TWO of these courses will be available for free to people, who have signed up for Blocs 4 Ultimate Pack.

If you haven't already, now would be a great time to sign up before the pricing is going up (from $279 to $299) on the release day of the new Blocs 4 Commerce Course.