Introducing the Blocs 4 Commerce Course

Introducing the Blocs 4 Commerce Course - second course in a series of high-quality video courses for Blocs 4.

In Blocs 4 Commerce Course, I am sharing my experience building many e-commerce websites with the Blocs app. In a total of four parts, I am covering Blocs Ecommerce Basics, selling single products or services, building medium, and even large websites with Blocs and Ecwid.

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Available for Free to Blocs 4 Ultimate Pack Customers

If you have previously purchased the Blocs 4 Ultimate Pack, the new Blocs 4 Commerce Course is available to you for free. In fact, it is already in your dashboardwaiting for you. In addition to this course, I am going to release the Blocs 4 Blogging Course very soon, and it will also be available to Blocs 4 Ultimate Pack customers for free.

Blocs 4 Commerce Course - The Curriculum

Course Overview

Part 1. Commerce Website Basics

1-1. Course Introduction
1-2. Different Ways to Create a Commerce Website
1-3. Payment Processors and Ecommerce Platforms
1-4. Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform
1-5. Commissions & Fees - Real-world Example
1-6. The Role of Blocs App
1-7. Pages for Commerce Websites

Part 2. Selling a Single Product or Service

2-1. Overview of Part 2
2-2. How to Build an Effective Product Landing Page
2-3. Setting Up Purchase Buttons with Gumroad
2-4. Setting Up Purchase Buttons with Stripe
2-5. Sell Services with Acuity (Squarespace) Scheduling
2-6. Setting Up Purchase Buttons with Paddle

Part 3. Building Small to Medium Commerce Website

3-1. Overview of Part 3
3-2. Planning a Commerce Website
3-3. Building a Structure of Blocs Website
3-4. Designing a Home Page
3-5. Building a simple FAQ section
3-6. Building a Website Footer
3-7. Building a Support Page
3-8. Building a Thank You Page
3-9. Building and Managing Product Pages
3-10. Building a Pricing Page
3-11. Creating and Linking a Product with Paddle
3-12. Creating and Linking a Product with Podia
3-13. Finalizing & Publishing

Part 4. Building Large Commerce Websites with Ecwid

4-1. Overview of Part 4
4-2. Creating an Ecwid Account
4-3. Getting Started with Ecwid Settings
4-4. Setting Up Payment & Shipping Methods
4-5. Creating Products & Categories in Ecwid
4-6. Changing the Look of the Ecwid Store
4-7. Embedding the Ecwid Shop Page
4-8. Adjusting the Typography Colors
4-9. Adding the Shopping Cart Icon & Product Search
4-10. Finalizing the Settings of the Ecwid Shop


The full detailed curriculum and other information about this new course are available here.