Introducing the new video course covering how to build a fully functional blogging website with Blocs 4 and Volt CMS.
Let me introduce you to the new Writer template for Blocs 4, the perfect minimalist template for blogging websites.
I have added the second Custom Blocs package to the library. Available to all Blocs 4 Templates members for free.
I am happy to share with you the newest template for Blocs 4. Factory is a great looking premium template with a very functional mega menu.
Introducing the Blocs 4 Commerce Course - second course in a series of high-quality video courses for Blocs 4.
Today, I am happy to share with you my newest Blocs 4 template for websites of any kind of company, business, or organization.
We are happy to announce that our website is now (again) built with Blocs. We have used the Blocs 4.2 and Volt CMS to make this happen.
Introducing the new premium template for Blocs 4, designed for websites of book authors and other publications.
I have been testing the Blocs 4.2 beta with Bootstrap 5 in recent weeks, and although there are still some bugs and things that need improvement, the…