Free SEO Guide from Blocs Master has been just updated to its latest version, offering a comprehensive and updated course on search engine optimization.
I am delighted to share another thrilling update to the design of the Blocs Master website, which now makes it significantly simpler to locate and view…
Blocs Master is the premier web design resource for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their website design skills using Blocs 5, the…
I am happy to announce the release of four new masterclass tutorials for Blocs 5, available at no additional cost to Blocs 5 Course and Blocs Master Max…
Visiting and clicking on the 'LOGIN' link in the navigation menu is always the best way to get to the Podia dashboard login page.
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I am pleased to announce that the Blocs Master newsletter and blog has moved to Substack.
If you're looking to take your web design skills to the next level, the Blocs Master YouTube channel is the ultimate resource for you.
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